The first all-land auto crossing was in 1985–87 by Loren Upton and Patty Mercier in a CJ-5 Jeep, taking 741 days to travel 125 miles (201 km). This crossing is documented in the 1992 Guinness Book of Records.


Behind this brief citation on The Darien Gap lies one of the most legendary undertakings in adventure travel history. During multiple attempts to circumnavigate the globe with the same American-made vehicle, engineer and Marine Loren Upton endured the loss or confiscation of several vehicles, near kidnappings, and the mysterious murder of a fellow traveler–all in the treacherous maze of swamps known as the Tapón del Darién.


Upton also had an adventure nearly beyond comprehension, and met love of his life and fearless fellow traveler, Patricia Mercier, who would see him through the Darien and many other of life’s journeys. Now this intrepid couple is restoring their vintage Jeep in hopes of completing the one unfinished leg of their epic RTW adventure. Join Loren and Patricia Upton at MAOF 2017 as they tell their tales of adventure through the Gap and beyond, and share what it takes to truly be “two for the road.”


Loren and Patricia Upton of Outback Of Beyond Adventures